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Teeth Whitening: Types, Options, Results

We receive a lot of questions about teeth whitening. What are the types of whitening? Which is better: at home or in the office? Does it hurt or not? How long does the result last?

Dental whitening is a complex of products aimed at depigmentation of dental tissues. This does not mean that you will get a super white Hollywood smile, but whitening will help brighten your teeth a few tones.

You need to understand that each person has a different enamel. Someone will undertake whitening immediately, someone will need more time to achieve the desired result. Someone has strong enamel and this procedure will be painless. Some people have weak enamel and they may feel tingling and discomfort.


There are two types of whitening: office and take-home kit. The main advantage of in-office method is that it allows you to achieve the desired result very quickly, sometimes even in one visit to the doctor, in contrast to home procedures, which can last several weeks.

Office whitening is more expensive than take-home whitening but it is considered the safest way to achieve a snow-white smile, since in this case a thorough preliminary preparation is carried out, and all stages of the process are under the supervision of a specialist.

All types of whitening, whether at home or in the office, have a similar principle of action, based on the chemical reaction of hydrogen peroxide with additional components of the active gel. At the same time, peroxide does not directly brighten the teeth, this is carried out by active oxygen atoms, which are released during a chemical reaction. 

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