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Cosmetic Dentistry

A new smile in 1-2 visits. We treat all aesthetic defects. We change the position, shape, size or color of your teeth. Only advanced methods, without pain or discomfort.

According to a recent study overseen by the American Dental Association, nearly one in three Americans is embarrassed to smile because of a dental esthetic defect.

If you avoid smiling too, we’re ready to help you. One or two visits to the dental office of Dr. Svetlana – your shortcut to a smile makeover!

What is cosmetic dentistry?

This is a set of cosmetic dental procedures designed to recreate the aesthetics of the teeth (color, shape, length) and make the smile attractive.

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Dr. Svetlana Anokhina

“I love my job – creating healthy, flawless smiles that instill confidence in my patients and inspire them to smile more often. It’s nice to see them leave the dental office happy!”

When can we help?

  • plaque buildup

  • dark spots on teeth

  • chipped, cracked enamel

  • large interdental space (trema, diastema)

  • eroded enamel

  • incorrect bite.

Do you want to see your new smile before treatment begins?

Our patients are offered Digital Smile Design – computer modeling of correct teeth anatomy, bite correction to get the “Hollywood” smile. The patient can try on the new smile and make adjustments if necessary. They end up with the smile of their dreams!

How to get a smile makeover?

airflow tool

It is an innovative system that helps to clean teeth from plaque (bacterial, pigmented), which not only returns the natural beauty of the smile, but also serves as an excellent prevention of tooth decay.


With the Zoom 4, we can carefully change the shade of enamel up to 8 shades, as well as remove the yellowing, gray tint of enamel, pigment spots just in one visit to the dentist’s office. Your smile will be dazzling white.

teeth whitening zoom
composite fillings

Composite Fillings

When decay affects the front teeth in the smile zone, you need to put not only durable, but also the most aesthetically pleasing filling. We use special materials that mimic the shade of natural enamel.

A thin plate (up to 0.3 mm thick) is glued to the front surface of the tooth. It hides esthetic defects: changes in the shade of enamel, irregular tooth shape, a large gap between teeth or chipped enamel. Two visits to the cosmetic dentist – and you will get the smile of your dreams!

porcelain veneers
zirconium crowns

A tooth ruined by ⅔ can be restored by covering it with a crown/cap placed on a previously ground tooth. We place highly aesthetic zirconia crowns, the color of which is matched to the shade of the enamel of neighboring teeth. No one will guess that there is a crown when you smile.


We make a set of transparent removable mouth guards, which help to straighten your teeth and make the whole process unnoticeable to others (unlike metal braces). Don’t stop smiling even while wearing aligners – no one will notice them.

laser gum therapy

A uniform gingival contour on proportionate teeth is essential for the esthetics of the smile. If you have an uneven gum contour, we will painlessly correct it with a laser.

If one tooth is missing, we can place an implant (replaces the root) and fix a crown (replaces the crown) on it. The new tooth will not differ from the neighboring natural teeth.

dental implants 1

Cost of cosmetic dental procedures

A ceramic (porcelain) veneer for tooth starting at $899
Professional teeth cleaning, incl. checkup and scans $120
KöR Teeth whitening $950
Teeth whitening Zoom 4 $500

Best cosmetic dentist in Miami - Svetlana Anokhina

Highly skilled professionals

A beautiful smile is not just white teeth. It is formed by the correct bite, as well as the harmonious proportions of the face. Dr. Svetlana has completed hundreds of hours of training in cosmetic as well as neuromuscular dentistry. She knows how to create the perfect bite.

Dr. Svetlana received the 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 America’s Best Dentist Awards.

FOY Dentures®

We offer our patients prosthesis that ensure proper interaction between the teeth, gums, jaws, muscles, and nerves during chewing. They restore the correct proportions of the face and help you look younger.


An innovative digital bite measurement technology that allows the doctor to see how much chewing load is placed on each tooth and each restoration. It helps protect teeth and restorations from damage and premature wear.

Our video

Take a look at the smiles of our patients, who have been treated at Dr. Svetlana’s dental office.


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