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We create a beautiful and healthy smile that helps you feel more confident and younger. We correct dental defects of any complexity (chips, cracks, bite, damaged or missing teeth). We use advanced planning techniques and offer a variety of solutions, including complete oral reconstruction.

dr svetlana

Your personal doctor – Dr. Svetlana Anokhina

  • Dr. Svetlana is the best dentist of 2019, 2020 and 2021 (winner of “America’s Best Dentists”).
  • Dr. Svetlana has over 25 years of experience in orthodontic, orthopedic, and surgical treatment. 
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from New York University (NYU) School of Dentistry.

"I love when patients leave my dental center with a beautiful, healthy smile and full of confidence! I’m willing to help even in the most difficult clinical cases. I solve patients’ problems comprehensively – from careful diagnosis on the neuromuscular level to placement of veneers, implants, or crowns."

Schedule a free consultation, and I’ll be more than happy to select the best treatment option based on your circumstances

Smile Makeover Cost

Type of service Cost, $
A ceramic (porcelain) veneer at $899
Zirconia multi-layered crowns at $999
E-max ceramic crowns at $999
Laser therapy starting at $399 per area
Implantation of one tooth + crown starting at $3,199
Teeth in one day with All-on-4/All-on-6 starting at $17,999

Inexpensive and Affordable Smile Makeover Methods

We have tried to do our best to make our services accessible to patients. For example, we have two flexible financing programs: CareCredit and LendingClub. They allow you to get quality dental treatment with interest-free installments of up to 2 years. You do not have to pay the whole amount at once (transfer in installments, once a month).

This is a great offer for those who have long dreamed of a beautiful and healthy smile!

We will tell you about these options in more detail after consultation, diagnosis, and drawing up an individual treatment plan.

What Is It?

Smile transformation is an individual set of measures that is tailored to the unique characteristics of the patient. The work plan is determined by the dentist after examination and thorough diagnosis. It may include:

  • cosmetic smile makeover
  • full smile makeover
  • makeover of anterior teeth or distal region.

By contacting our dental office, you can count on a quality transformation of your smile (complete restoration of aesthetic/masticatory functions of the teeth and gum health). The treatment will be provided by Svetlana, a dentist with 24 years of experience (winner of America’s Best Dentist Award for the past 4 years).


Advantages of This Approach

  1. Time and cost savings compared to a series of separate procedures with different specialists. The patient receives a quality consultation and a detailed treatment plan in one place.
  2. Good looks. The methods and technologies we use help you to have a white, healthy smile that reverses time (visually makes your face look younger).
  3. Solution not only to cosmetic problems. Dr. Svetlana treats diseases of the teeth and gums, not only appearance.
  4. Investment in the future. Comprehensive treatment helps to forget about the problems of the mouth for many years (if you follow all the recommendations of the doctor).

Smile Transformation Techniques at Svetlana Dental

We will find a solution for almost any clinical case (even the most complicated). We will choose the best treatment option.

Chips, cracks, darkened enamel

We use ceramic veneers – the thinnest plates that are placed on the front of the teeth (in the smile zone). They have a special structure and are made by a special technology, allowing to achieve remarkable results in the correction of teeth (giving a white, “Hollywood” smile, restore interdental spaces, partially straighten teeth).

Just two visits to our office, and you will get the smile of your dreams.

More than 50% of the tooth is missing

We restore the beauty of your smile, restore the chewing function of your tooth, and prevent further decay with crowns.

  • Multilayer zirconia (the strongest, looking like your own teeth). Suitable when an incisor or molar is severely damaged/broken at the root.
  • E-max ceramic crowns (better aesthetics, low durability). They are used in the smile zone, where teeth do not participate in the chewing load and have the highest requirements for aesthetics.

We restore a tooth with a filling, a titanium post or an all-ceramic core inlay and cover it with a temporary crown in one visit. The process of making a permanent structure takes 10 to 14 days.

Problems with bite, TMJ

We apply the latest technologies in facial aesthetics and non-surgical plastic surgery. We use a computer system (BioPAK, EMG, T-Scan), which helps to:

  • diagnose masticatory muscles and temporomandibular joints dysfunction in real-time
  • determine the position of the jaw at which the muscles will be as relaxed as possible.

Our approach helps you to get not only a whiter, but also a healthier smile. Patients get rid of malocclusion, headaches, clicking when opening/closing the mouth. The correct proportions of the face are restored – it becomes younger, more beautiful. Teeth will no longer attrite/break like they used to.

The timing of treatment depends on the clinical case.

computer system
computer system 1
computer system 2
computer system 3

Crooked teeth

One of the options is aligner fitting. These are removable transparent silicone mouth guards, which are made according to individual impressions of the mouth by a top-class dental technician (within 2 weeks).

Aligners are suitable for patients who are not willing to sacrifice the beauty of their smile under any circumstances and do not want to have braces. It is an effective, painless, and aesthetic technology of correction of the teeth.

Inflamed gums, uneven gum line

We address this problem with laser therapy. The procedure is performed by an experienced dental hygienist using a laser instrument. This technique is considered to be less painful. In addition, it guarantees faster healing of tissues and reduces the time the patient spends in the dentist’s chair.

Missing one tooth

We insert an implant according to the classic two-stage technique or the one-stage protocol. The second method is especially relevant for the smile zone, when it is necessary to immediately close the defect of the tooth row with a temporary crown.

We use MIS implants, with increased hydrophilicity (reduced osseointegration time).

We load the titanium rod with a zirconia or ceramic crown.

jaw model with new prostheses
dental crowns
new smile

All teeth are missing (or severe mobility due to periodontitis/parodontosis)

We perform dental implantation under the following protocols:

  • All-on-4. The prosthesis is attached to four implants. It is used for teeth that are missing or have to be extracted. The structure is fixed in the bone of the lower jaw or the upper jaw.
  • All-on-6. An improved technology. The prosthesis is fixed on six implants.

Both techniques allow implantation without bone grafting for initial/moderate atrophy of the alveolar crest.

At the diagnostic and planning stage:

  1. We use a modern X-ray machine: SCHICK DENTAL SENSORS. We get the most accurate information about the condition of the patient’s dento-alveolar system.
  2. We cooperate with IMplant Concierge. We select the ideal place and angle of implantation, distribute the load evenly on the artificial roots and improve their primary stability. We print surgical templates on high-end 3D printers.
dr svetlana

Doctor’s opinion

Implantation of one or both jaws with All-on-4/All-on-6 in 1 day! You’ll be the only VIP client on the day of treatment. I’ll do everything to make your surgery comfortable and reduce the number of your visits to my dental center.

Smile Makeover in One Day: Is It Possible?

Yes. But it depends on the situation. For example, if the patient has a completely edentulous jaw and no contraindications (determined after a thorough diagnosis), we can perform one-stage implantation with instantaneous loading. We will install 4–6 artificial roots in the bone and load them with a temporary adaptation prosthesis after a few hours.

At the end of the day, the patient leaves with functional teeth!

Schedule a free consultation with an implant surgeon to learn about the possibilities of Smile Makeover in one day.

In other clinical cases, we transform a smile in 2–3 visits.

How do we perform smile transformation at Svetlana Dental?

We pay great attention to consultation and planning because 50% of treatment success depends on them. That’s why we approach these stages as thoroughly as possible.

Initial consultation

The doctor examines the oral cavity. Evaluates the color and condition of the enamel, the shape of the teeth, as well as the appearance of the gums, the number of destroyed, missing incisors/molars. The patient fills out a dental questionnaire and undergoes a number of tests (if necessary).


Depending on the clinical case, the following may be necessary: periapical X-ray of 1–3 teeth, panoramic imaging (3D) of one or both jaws, and use of an advanced computer complex to determine occlusion disorders and find the resting point of the neuromuscular system of the mouth (for bite and TMJ disorders).

Creating a treatment plan

Based on the findings, the dentist determines the best treatment option. Its timing, stages, and cost are discussed with the patient. Only after approval, we begin to create the smile of your dreams.

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