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1. Can A Root Canal Treatment Be Done Under A Veneer? In short, it can be executed. Despite this, in most cases, your veneers must be replaced. If your front tooth has one root, your doctor will try their best to save it. If it is a molar that has three to four roots, there is a small percentage of saving that specific veneer. As a result, your doctor will have to make a new one.


2. Happy Friday to everyone! In December we’re offering a complimentary veneers consultation! Give yourself a New Year gift!


3. We are always glad to see our regular patients who come for cleaning and examination without reminders.


4. Dr. Svetlana Anokhina is being recognized by continental Who’s Who as a Pinnacle lifetime achiever in the field of Medicine as a Dentist at Svetlana Dental and Esthetic center of Miami!


5. Working process at Svetlana Dental. By the way, if you are not sure about your treatment, we’re offering a complimentary second opinion ! Call us at 954-457-8308 !


6. Do you also smile when you leave your dentist? Your comfort and trust are important to us! Therefore, we will make your appointment as painless as possible.


7. How Should I Clean My Veneers? The most exceptional way to clean your veneers is by brushing, flossing and executing teeth cleanings at dental office every six months. You should take care of your veneers the same way you take care of your teeth.


8. A scheduled visit to the dentist every 6 months will help you solve the problem at the very initial stage, avoid pain and save money.


9. Another happy patient with a new smile, which was performed with zirconium crowns. Want to learn more? Call us 954-457-8308. Do not wait until it starts to hurt!


10. Thank you Megan for choosing us for improving your smile. Beautiful and natural porcelain veneers. Holders of a new smile need to take care of their teeth in the same way as before installing veneers. There’s no secret: 2 required cleanings per year and dental floss every day.


11. Chic Natalia with a stunning smile, which was made in our office with porcelain veneers. Well just don’t take your eyes off! #miamiveneers #miamiporcelainveneers #miamismile #miamidentist


12. Only 4 porcelain veneers can completely change your smile! Advantages: beautiful, fast, natural! Call to get your detailed consultation 954-457-8308. #miamiveneers #miamiporcelainveneers #miamismile #miamidentist


13. 2 implants – done! Do not leave an empty space after tooth extraction, you run the risk of getting a gum disease or losing another tooth. Choose one between the dental bridge and implant and enjoy your new smile! #miamidentist #miamidentalimplant #miamismile


14. Beautiful Megan with beautiful soul and beautiful smile that was made from porcelain veneers. Enjoy your smile and it was a pleasure to meet you ! #porcelainveneersmiami #miamiveneersspecialist #miamidentist #miamiporcelainveneers



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