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Laser Dentistry: Definition, Procedures, Benefits

Dental laser treatment – is not only an innovative, but also a safe and very effective method that guarantees high quality of treatment and unsurpassed comfort at your dental appointment.

We have been using laser treatment in our practice for a very long time. Let’s take a look at the main procedures in which the laser is the best solution:

  • Laser therapy of the periodontal (periodontal) pocket (curettage, removal of granulations from the periodontal pocket, its sterilization) with developed periodontitis, in the presence of granulations, pronounced inflammation, suppuration
  • Recontouring or gingivectomy – correction of an uneven gum line to improve aesthetics and give the gingiva the desired shape
  • Crown lengthening with correction of soft tissues before prosthetics. We usually do this procedure in cases where our patient has very small teeth and the artificial crown will be poorly fixed
  • Herpes treatment
  • Removal of benign formations: papillomas, fibroids
  • Implant recovery. We use laser when it is time to place the crown on the implant and the gum is slightly overgrown. The laser helps to align the gums and accurately place the crown.
    We also use a laser after deep cleaning to set the result and once again clean the gums from bacteria


The main benefits of laser treatment:

  • Minimal need for anesthesia
  • Painless and bloodless procedures
  • Absolute sterility
  • Faster healing
  • It takes less time for procedure
  • Comfort and stress-free use
  • Safety of procedures and absence of complications

Laser treatment has not only many advantages, but also has a relatively low price. During the consultation, we will discuss your problem, the treatment plan, and the sequence of the laser procedure.

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