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Forget about scars and long rehabilitation after skin resurfacing. We use the Alma Opus device, trusted by Hollywood stars and celebrities. We offer a painless facial that takes only 15-20 minutes.
The Alma Opus device – this is the first-of-its-kind Fractional Plasma technology. This is the newest technology in the world of dermatology, which allows to significantly rejuvenate your face, as well as get rid of a whole list of aesthetic problems without pain or danger to your health.

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Did you know...

Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, and other celebrities prefer RF Skin Resurfacing

What is RF skin resurfacing?

It is a cosmetic, non-surgical, and painless procedure that uses pulsing beams of light and powerful plasma energy, which is responsible for producing collagen and elastin.

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RF skin resurfacing aims to stimulate total skin rejuvenation, treat wrinkles, irregularities, and skin defects, and promote skin lifting, which is often comparable to the effect after plastic surgery.


  • Pitted acne scars (scars and stagnant spots on the skin)

  • Small and medium deep wrinkles

  • Age-related changes in the skin (e.g., flabby skin, sagging)

  • Enlarged pores

  • Scars

  • Striae (stretch marks).


  • Pregnancy and lactation period

  • Systemic connective tissue diseases, as well as metabolic diseases (e.g., diabetes mellitus)

  • Infections and inflammations in the acute stage

  • Cancer in the decompensation stage.

We will identify any indications or contraindications as well as the suitability of the procedure during a thorough consultation and diagnosis.

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Doctor’s opinion

«Is dark skin a contraindication for the procedure? No, it isn’t. At Svetlana Dental & Esthetic Center, we use the Opus device, which is safe even for V and VI skin phototypes.»

What can be achieved with the procedure?

This procedure helps to get rid of pigmentation, scars, acne marks, and age wrinkles not only on the face but also in other areas of the skin.

If we talk about the impact on the health of the body, radiofrequency skin resurfacing:

  • 1.

    Improves nutrient intake

  • 2.

    Effectively removes dead cells from the skin

  • 3.

    Promotes oxygen flow

  • 4.

    Improves microcirculation of the epidermis and deeper layers.

If we talk about the aesthetic side of the issue:

  • 1.

    It tightens the skin, makes it firmer, and does not dry it out at the same time. This has been confirmed by several studies (statistically, 95% of patients noticed an improvement after just 1 or 2 sessions)

  • 2.

    It burns fat without any pain (the result will be noticeable after a course, not a single treatment)

  • 3.

    It allows you to change the contour of the face without having to go under the knife.

How it is performed?

We apply an anesthetic to the treated skin area and wait for it to take effect (15–20 minutes). Then our specialist adjusts the device and selects a handpiece depending on the target area to be treated and runs it over the skin (light touch). At this point, radiofrequency waves heat the epidermis and dermis. Unhealthy and dead cells begin to break down under the influence of temperature. At the same time, plasma energy begins to produce heat, contributing to the accelerated appearance of elastin, hyaluronic acid, and collagen.

Facial treatment using this technique takes up to 20 minutes.

Benefits of Alma Opus skin resurfacing

  • There are no scars after treatment

  • The patient does not feel any pain during the procedure

  • Quick healing, due to non-invasive technology and small treatment area

  • Suitable for patients who are allergic to injectable rejuvenation procedures

  • Minimal rehabilitation period.

Alma Opus or Laser: Which should you choose?

Comparative characteristics Laser Alma Opus
Does it damage the deeper layers of the skin and dry it out? Yes No
Is it suitable for people with dark skin? No Yes
Can delicate and hard-to-reach skin areas be treated with it? No Yes
How long does the procedure last? Full facial treatment takes 1–2 hours. Full facial treatment takes up to 20 minutes.
Is there a rehabilitation period and how long is it? From a week to a month (depending on the device). You can apply makeup the next day.

Before & After photos

Baseline Post 1 TX
Baseline Post 3 TXS
Before After
Before After


Radiofrequency skin resurfacing and scar revision expenses will differ, depending on the treatment you get. During your initial consultation, we will listen to your skin issues and wants before explaining the various types of resurfacing. Then, we can help you choose your resurfacing method and discuss costs.

The first changes can be seen after 1 session (in about 1.5–2 weeks). But it will be minor. To develop and consolidate it, we recommend repeating the procedure at least 2–3 times (depending on the clinical picture).

Patients note a slight redness that doesn’t interfere with makeup the next day.

With the right number of sessions and proper skin care, the effect will last more than 1 year (up to 5 years). You can extend the period by repeating the procedure (the frequency and number of are selected individually).

With the Alma Opus device – no, it does not. That’s why we use only this device at Svetlana Dental & Esthetic Miami.

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