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T-Scan: The most advanced method for bite analysis

Digital technologies are becoming increasingly popular in occlusal diagnosis. For example, dentists are rapidly adopting the T-Scan system, which replaces articulating paper and provides a detailed treatment plan.


What is Biopak? What problems does it solve and how does it work? Let’s discuss a universal diagnostic method that helps create not only a beautiful, but a truly healthy smile.

TENS for TMJ Treatment

Tired of headaches, neck spasms, or discomfort while chewing and moving the temporomandibular joint? The TENS machine can help. What is it? How does it work in conjunction with other treatments?

Veneers for pregnant women

Can you get veneers while pregnant? Read the opinion of an expert with 25 years of experience. Find answers to popular questions  expectant mothers have regarding dental veneers.

Cost of veneers

Have you noticed that different clinics have different prices for veneers? Read more to discover how pricing is determined, and what the average cost of veneers in Miami is. We will give an honest, objective review of the market.

What to do if a piece of a tooth broke off?

Why can a piece of a tooth break off? What can you do before visiting the dentist? What can the doctor offer to solve the problem? How can I avoid brittle teeth?

Laser for dark skin – is it safe?

We explain the science behind how laser skin treatment affects dark skin. We choose a safe method of abrasion for dark skin of any phototype.

Why do you need bone grafting after a tooth extraction?

What is bone plastic surgery? How and with what material is it carried out? In which cases is it indispensable, and when can it be skipped? Questions answered by a 25-year experienced implant surgeon.

How to Take Care of Your Porcelain Veneers

A couple recommendations from a dentist on how you can enjoy a beautiful, white smile for more than 20 years.

Tooth pain and its consequences

Why is it crucial to not delay visiting the dentist if you feel tooth pain? What are the causes of tooth pain and the consequences of ignoring the problem?

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