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All-on-6 Dental implants

At Dr. Svetlana’s dental office, we perform All-on-6 implantation. We will restore your upper or lower jaw with a fixed denture on 6 implants in just a few hours after the surgery.

What is All-on-6?

All-on-6 is an improved version of All-on-4, which involves the use of six titanium rods instead of four. The implants are distributed evenly throughout the jaw (two additional artificial roots are implanted at a certain angle to ensure even load, additional reliability of structure fixation, and reduce the risk of rejection).

All-on-6 is performed according to the single-step implantation procedure. We remove teeth that cannot be restored, install titanium rods, and load them with a temporary denture in just one visit (if there are no contraindications).

Type of implantation Cost, $
Hybrid denture
starting at $25,000
Zirconia denture

Advantages of All-on-6

  • Two additional supports

    Two additional implants — one on each side in the lateral section — ensure that the load on the bone structure is distributed as correctly as possible. This increases the resistance of the system to multidirectional axial loads and reduces the risk of implant rejection.

  • It does not require bone grafting in 95% of cases

    All-on-6 is specifically designed to rehabilitate patients with edentulous jaws and initial to intermediate bone resorption. The implants are placed without osteoplastic surgery, usually using a sinus lift or guided bone regeneration.

  • This procedure has a low injury rate

    Even with extreme loss of the dental arch, it is possible to perform the surgery without traumatic bone augmentation. The lateral implants are placed at an angle in the areas with sufficient bone volume, bypassing the maxillary sinuses and mandibular nerve.

Does it have any disadvantages?

There are cases where a patient’s jawbone does not have six sites with good bone quality for the implants. In such cases, we use All-on-4 or perform bone grafting. 

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Indications for All-on-6

I recommend All-on-6 to my patients in the following cases:

  • All teeth on the upper jaw are missing

    As the upper jawbone is softer (D3 and D4), four supporting elements may not be enough to fix the orthopedic structure securely.

  • In this case, a denture with a large number of crowns is required

    The All-on-6 denture can have up to 14 crowns, whereas All-on-4 allows only up to 12.

  • The patient has: bruxism and hypertonicity of the masticatory muscles

    It has been clinically proven that four titanium rods are objectively insufficient to provide strong support for a full overdenture, which will loosen within a few years due to excessive loads.

When cannot All-on-6 be implemented?

When one of the standard relative or absolute contraindications is present. Make an appointment to consult with Dr. Svetlana. After a thorough diagnosis and examination, we will find the best treatment option even in the most difficult clinical case.



Examination and diagnosis

Includes a visual assessment of the oral cavity (checking for cavities and gum inflammation), collecting information on chronic diseases and medications taken, a CT scan, and neuromuscular manipulation to determine central occlusion and abnormalities (necessary to correct the bite). At this stage, the doctor advises the patient on possible treatment options and answers questions.

We are confident in the quality of our computer diagnostics! We do X-ray studies. SCHICK DENTAL SENSORS is a high-precision, state-of-the-art device that gives the implant surgeon the maximum information needed pertaining to the bone volume, location of tooth roots, mandibular nerve, or maxillary sinuses.

We offer VIP on-call services. We are ready to come to the patient’s home with our mobile laboratory and perform a CT scan.


Modeling and manufacturing of a surgical template

A 3D model of the oral cavity is loaded into a special program to select implantation sites for titanium rods, their shape, size, and diameter. An automated process guarantees maximum accuracy and minimizes the human factor. The program also simulates the shape of the future orthopedic structure (denture and crowns).

We cooperate with the leaders in this field — Implant Concierge — to manufacture surgical templates. We select the ideal projection of the implant site, even if the patient has a soft bone biotype or minimal alveolar crest volume. Perfect accuracy — up to half a millimeter!



In most cases, the oral cavity must be prepared before implantation. The doctor removes cavities and mucous membrane inflammation. Laser gum therapy is used if necessary.


Tooth extraction and implant placement

If the patient has incisors or molars that cannot be treated or restored, they are removed using the non-invasive method. Then the implants are immediately placed using the single-stage technique (with a surgery taking 1.5–2 hours). All procedures are performed under effective anesthesia.

The implantation is completely painless. We use modern solutions, such as buffered anesthesia, which is 2.5 times more effective than traditional (non-buffered) — faster and more reliable anesthesia with lasting effect.


Prosthetic dentistry

Three to six hours after the implantation of artificial roots, they are loaded with a temporary metal-framed denture. It can be replaced by a permanent orthopedic structure with crowns made of ceramic or zirconium dioxide after complete osseointegration (3–6 months).


Dr. Svetlana’s choice — MIS implants

Why do I use MIS implants?

  1. They are clinically proven to take root in 97.8% of cases, which makes them a premium implant system. I choose only the best materials for my patients.
  2. The manufacturer produces models for the most difficult clinical cases with such properties that guarantee predictable results.
  3. MIS implants speed up the engraftment process even with diabetes or osteoporosis, e.g., due to the surface with increased hydrophilicity (B++).

What crowns to choose with All-on-6?

We fabricate crowns for permanent dentures made of monolithic or multi-layered zirconia, as well as E-max pressed ceramics. Any option we offer:

  • Does not cause allergic reactions (biocompatible)
  • Does not rub on the gum
  • Relieves the load on the jaw due to lighter weight (compared to metal-ceramics)
  • Is strong and durable, with a service life of up to 25 years (if you follow the dentist’s recommendations).

What type of material will work for you? This can be determined by the doctor at the planning stage.

We do All-on-6 for the price of All-on-4 — the best offer for our patients!

The price includes: consultation, implant surgery, fabrication, and placement of temporary and permanent dentures.

It is possible to use deferred payments: CareCredit and LendingClub.

We provide a guarantee on:

  • The implant

    We’ll change it for free if it doesn’t assimilate within a year.

  • The dentures

    Up to 5 years (if there was a laboratory error).

How does All-on-6 differ from All-on-4?

Procedure All-on-4 All-on-6
Number of implants 4 6
Reliability Good Enhanced
Number of crowns 12 14
Contraindications Minimum Minimum

All-on-6 was developed with the disadvantages of All-on-4 in mind and therefore lacks them. This is a more high-end and reliable method of restoring the entire tooth row. However, in some clinical situations All-on-4 perfectly solves the problem of missing teeth just as well. The doctor will determine which procedure is appropriate in your case after diagnosis and analysis of your clinical picture.

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