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What is TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction) – the main reason for the development of the disease is functional disorders of the masticatory apparatus, which are directly or indirectly associated with tooth loss, their increased abrasion, as well as dentition, etc.

What are the main symptoms symptoms:

  • pain in opening the mouth
  • difficulty chewing
  • clicks when opening and closing the mouth
  • restrictions on opening the mouth
  • pain in the face

Causes of the disease:

  • wrong bite
  • bruxism
  • injuries TMJ
  • incorrect treatment in the past (the crown is overestimated, the size of the prosthesis is incorrect, etc.)


Treatment of dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint should be comprehensive, taking into account the etiology, pathogenesis, stage of the disease, individual characteristics of its course and the condition of the patient.

One of the important elements in the treatment of TMJ diseases is a functional relaxation technique. We will put you in a special room and glue impulses to your face and neck to help you relax. You will rest for 1.5 hours or until your muscles are completely relaxed. We need this in order to find your correct bite and order your personal device. This device looks like a kappa made of very durable material. This will help you to constantly keep your jaw relaxed and allow you to get rid of pain.

TMJ diagnosis


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