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Dental Bridge or Implant? What is better?

istock 1030188810This is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions in our dental center. What is a bridge – a few crowns that are mounted on the abutment teeth. Bridges are installed in the absence of one or more teeth, previously located next to each other. We use zirconium in this case, since it is the most durable material and your bridge will look very beautiful and natural.

What can be the disadvantages:

  • it is necessary to grind adjacent teeth, even if they are absolutely healthy
  • the bridge is much harder to clean and sometimes food can clog there
  • the bridge most often requires replacement in the future


  • cheaper than an implant
  • the process takes only 2 weeks


  • taking casts and preparation of adjacent teeth;
  • installation of a bridge made of temporary material;
  • the next visit after 2 weeks on the installation of a bridge of zirconium crowns.

What is an implant – a small titanic post, which must be installed in place of the missing tooth, allowed to heal and then set the abutment and zirconia crown.

istock 1166198070 1As such, there are no minuses in this procedure. Frequently asked question: Can an implant not take root? There is no immunological rejection of titanium implants. However, there are no statistics on 100% implant survival. The failure of the implant can be manifested in its easy mobility and sensitivity of the tissues around it. In such situations, the implant is removed and replaced with another implant. Inflammatory and painful processes during implant engraftment are extremely rare.


  • no need to process adjacent teeth
  • high reliability and structural stability
  • lack of discomfort during use


  • make sure that there is a bone for the implant. If it is not enough, increase and after 2 months put the implant
  • wait for 4-6 months while the implant has taken root
  • come to our office after this time, take a picture and make sure that everything is fine and we can continue the procedure
  • set abutment and crown
  • become the happy owner of a new full tooth
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Whatever you choose, it is much better than staying with an empty place in your mouth. Take care of your smile! For more information, you can contact us at the office 954-457-8308.

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