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What You Must Know About Full Mouth Reconstruction Cost Before Commiting


If your smile suffers from severe tooth decay, gum disease, cracks or missing teeth, full mouth reconstruction offers a comprehensive path to rehabilitation through cosmetic and restorative dentistry. By potentially combining treatments like dental implants, crowns, veneers and dentures in one coordinated plan, skilled Hallandale dentists can fully restore smile form and function. But such intensive interventions come at a cost. This article will break down typical pricing factors, insurance considerations, financing options and which local reconstruction specialists merit your trust to strategically rebuild your perfect smile.

Procedures Involved

When it comes to full mouth reconstruction, be prepared to go through a complete oral transformation – it’s not a single treatment but a full course menu of restorative care. Here are typical categories driving the costs:

General Dentistry

Think routine fillings, cleanings and exams – but on overdrive if years of neglect require addressing:

  • Tooth-colored fillings repair mild to moderate decay
  • Fancy inlays and onlays fix more substantial damage
  • Root canals + crowns save compromised teeth
  • TMJ alignment treats jaw pain

Cosmetic Dentistry

These elective (oft out-of-pocket) treatments enhance aesthetics:

  • Whitening – in-office intensified systems or take-home trays
  • Veneers mask flaws with thin porcelain covers
  • Clear aligners like Invisalign straighten smiles

Restorative Dentistry

Major reconstruction of damaged teeth:

  • Dental crowns – natural-looking caps
  • Bridges – artificial replacement teeth
  • Implants – titanium roots supporting crowns


Specialized care replacing missing teeth:

  • Partial to full dentures – removable false teeth
  • Complex implant-secured dentures for stability

Grafting procedures may also prepare gum tissue and bone to support additions.

Factors Impacting Cost in Hallandale

From insurance levels to the treatment intensity needed, many variables shape your total investment:

Number of Teeth Involved

Like real estate, mouth rehabs are priced by the tooth. Whether fixing chips or extracting unsalvageable teeth before rebuilding with implants, the more pearly whites requiring work, the greater the overall expense incurred.

Specific Treatment Choices

Porcelain veneers, implants, custom bridgework and dentures come at a premium over basic fills and crowns. Advanced solutions for complex cases demand skilled labor and materials. Know all offerings remain elective – a dentist presents tailored options only after a thorough exam, not generalized requirements.

Regional Pricing Factors

The cost of living in South Florida directly impacts service industries. Also consider reduced competition allows respected area dentists performing full mouth restorations to command slightly elevated yet fair rates compared to less saturated regions. Feel assured they aim to remain accessible.

Dental Insurance Coverage

Hope for 20-50% offsets from your plan. Just expect limitations since carriers classify straightening, veneers and dentures as cosmetic or elective. Still appeal denials if metal materials could functionally fix structural issues versus solely aesthetics.

FAQs about Full Mouth Restoration

Let’s clarify common questions around the full mouth reconstruction process:

Does Insurance Fully Cover This Restorative Work?

Rarely ever these days unfortunately – only partially for non-cosmetic elements. Crowns, fillings, cleanings, grafting – yes. Veneers, dentures, whitening – mostly no. Still submit paperwork and meet deductibles to maximize coverage.

What Financing Options Exist If Uninsured?

  • Medical credit cards
  • Personal dental loans
  • Payment plans through dental offices
  • Negotiate discounted cash rates

What’s The Total Timeframe For Treatment?

The full mouth transformation journey spans several months to upwards of one year depending on personal situations. Just know dentists thoughtfully phase procedures to allow proper healing in between.

How Is The Total Cost Broken Down With Stages?

  • Exam and diagnostic records: $200-$500
  • Treatment plan detailing procedures + cost estimates: $0
  • 25-50% of total treatment cost as down payment before work initiated
  • Remaining balance divided over 6-12 month installment payment plan

Preparing For Significant Dental Work

Fully replacing decades of accumulated dental damage takes advance preparation not just financially but physically and mentally:

  • Optimize oral health through brushing, flossing cleanings
  • Receive jaw x-rays, molds for prototype dentures, whitening
  • Expect multi-visit procedures like implants over months
  • Quit smoking - reduces bleeding risks and improves bone fusion
  • Arrive well nourished and hydrated before lengthy appointments
  • Allow several days for post-op implant and extraction swelling
  • Have soft foods on hand during transitional adjustment periods
  • Download relax and meditation apps to manage stress

Rest assured dentists constantly confirm comfort levels before advancing each session.

Caring For Your New Smile in Hallandale

After your incredible cosmetic treatments, you’ll need to properly care for your new smile! Here are some tips:

Follow Post-Procedure Instructions

Listen carefully to your Hallandale dentist’s directions on medications, eating, recovery times, and follow-up visits. This ensures proper healing.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Brush gently 2x per day, floss daily, and use recommended mouthwash. See your dentist regularly for cleanings and exams. This maintains your investment.

Protect Your Smile

Wear a custom mouthguard if you play sports or grind your teeth. Avoid chewing hard foods or ice that could damage restorations.

Know Your Limitations

Avoid stain-causing foods, drinks, and smoking, which can ruin a brightened smile. Follow any dietary restrictions for implants or orthodontics.

Schedule Follow-Ups

Visit your cosmetic dentist periodically as recommended. Small issues like stains or shifted veneers can often be quickly touched up.

With proper home care and professional maintenance, your cosmetic treatments can keep your smile looking fabulous for years to come!

Ensuring Longevity of Restorations

Investing in an enriching smile makeover means protecting your investment via:

Ongoing Preventive Care

Continue routine cleanings and exams catching early decay to avoid added repairs.

Excellent Oral Hygiene

Brushing and flossing prevents buildup compromising dental work.

Watch For Damage Over Time

Inspect for cracks or loosening. Most quality materials boast 10-30 year lifespans before likely needing replacement.

Replacement Costs

Implants and crowns rarely need redos after proper integration. However veneers and dentures may need refreshing every 5-15 years due to staining and wear at approximately 10-30% the initial cost.

About Our Dental Practice: Your Full Mouth Restoration Specialists in Hallandale

Svetlana Dental and Esthetic Center in Miami specializes in affordable effective cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers. They use the latest techniques and technology to transform smiles. At our state-of-the-art practice, we provide competitive price rate for full mouth reconstruction treatments to give you the smile you deserve.

Services included:

  • Cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening, veneers, dental implants and crowns to improve appearance.
  • Full mouth reconstruction to completely rehabilitate and reshape teeth entire mouth
  • Treatment planning and smile makeovers to align and reshape teeth for an enhanced smile
  • General and specialist dental care using cutting-edge equipment

Dr. Anokhina Svetlana, helps patients achieve natural looking, healthy smiles affordably in Miami. For exceptional dental service, and five-star patient experiences in Miami Hallandale, FL, choose our dental office. Call today to schedule your consultation!

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