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All on 4 Dental Implants: Cost, Procedure & What to Expect


The all on 4 dental implant technique is an innovative method for replacing an entire arch of failing or missing teeth with just four titanium implants. Invented by renowned Portuguese dentist Dr. Paulo Malo in the 1990s as a cost-effective, minimally invasive permanent solution, the all on 4 protocol has revolutionized full mouth restorations. This comprehensive guide will cover key factors like:

  • Candidate eligibility
  • The all on 4 treatment procedure
  • Aftercare and recovery
  • Associated expenses and payment plans
Benefit Explanation
Preserves existing bone Uses optimal implant angulation
Improves oral health Supports durable bridge/teeth
Restores smile Supports new set of teeth

The all on 4 transformation can greatly boost self-confidence with a brand new, natural looking smile makeover.

Anatomy and Physiology

Let's start with a quick anatomy refresher - it's pretty wild how our jaws and teeth are naturally designed!

First, the upper and lower jaws contain bony tooth sockets, technically called alveolar bone, that anchor each tooth root firmly in place. The periodontal ligament then holds the tooth root to bone while allowing slight natural movement.

Next, we've got the amazing biology of bone cells called osteoblasts and osteoclasts that continually rebuild bone tissue in a balanced dance - that's how osseointegration happens with the titanium implants! They fuse right into newly formed bone matrix.

Osteoblasts migrate towards the implant surface and deposit new bone matrix, incorporating the implant into living bone tissue through osseointegration

Pretty wild internal physiology, but it allows us to securely anchor dental implants as artificial tooth roots. Now let's see who's eligible for this revolutionary treatment!

Candidacy and Eligibility

The best part about the all on 4 protocol is that it can transform almost anyone's smile! Still, these are the main qualification criteria:

  • You must have a sufficient amount of jawbone to allow implant placement
    • Additional bone grafting can expand options
  • Gum disease and cavities must be fully treated
  • Good general health to undergo surgery
  • Committed to proper oral hygiene

The only folks who may not benefit are:

  • Those with uncontrolled chronic illnesses
  • People who are heavy smokers
  • Individuals taking certain medications that impact healing

Pregnant or nursing moms will need to complete treatment after giving birth. Alright, almost anyone is likely cleared for a dazzling new smile - let's see what this treatment actually involves!

The All on 4 Procedure

Planning out an implant supported teeth transformation takes precision and skill - but the process is surprisingly smooth when we break it down:

Initial Consultation

The first vital step is a thorough clinical evaluation, including:

  • Dental examination
    • Assess tooth and bone health
    • Screen for active decay or infection
  • Taking impressions or scans
    • Plan implant positioning
    • Design temporary and final bridges
  • Discussion of treatment goals, options, and budget

This allows crafting a customized plan catered to the patient.

Stage 1 Surgery

The exciting kickoff of placing the 4 implants! We begin by:

  • Administering local anesthesia for comfort
  • Making small incisions in the gums
  • Placing the implants strategically
    • 2 vertical in the front
    • 2 tilted in the back for optimal support
  • Suturing the gums
    • Beginning the countdown to a beautiful new smile!

Posts are strategically embedded into precise locations in the jawbone according to the individualized treatment plan

Healing Period

Now we wait about 2-6 months for the jaw to fully integrate with the implants via osseointegration and form a durable foundation to support replacement teeth. This gives time for the bone cells and blood vessels to intertwine with porous implant surface.

We take interim impressions to construct visually-pleasing temporary dentures to restore esthetics and chewing function as the implants fuse with bone. Exciting huh?

Abutments and Impressions

In the next short visit, we uncover the implant heads, place abutments, and take impressions of the accurately positioned implants.

  • The abutments act as connectors between the implants and replacement teeth framework
  • The detailed impressions allow fabricating a completely custom prosthesis

Crafting the Final Teeth

Now the lab crafts a custom life-like porcelain bridge, designed to perfectly integrate with the abutments andprovide natural form, function and unbeatable esthetics!

Final Delivery

In this emotional final visit, we uncover the beautiful new smile and secure the frameworks:

  • Try in the prosthesis
    • Confirm proper fit, comfort, bite alignment
  • Place final tightening screws
    • Secure bridges to abutments
  • Perform any minor adjustments
    • Optimize rubbing/biting points
  • Share happy tears and photos!
    • Celebrate the new confidence achieved!

And voila, a dazzling permanent smile is complete - let's now review taking care of the investment into happiness!

Recovery and Aftercare All-on-4 Implants

Caring for the implants initially, and maintaining that Hollywood smile over decades involves:


  • Use ice packs to control swelling
  • Take prescribed pain medications as needed
  • Follow strict soft food diet for 8 weeks
    • Smoothies, soups, noodles, etc
  • Brush gently around surgery sites

Long Term:

  • Brush twice and floss daily
  • Attend regular dental checkups & cleanings
  • Get sleep appliance if you grind teeth
  • Avoid sticky/hard foods
    • Caramels, nuts, etc
  • Wear a sports mouthguard during contact sports

With excellent home care and avoiding chewing overload, the implants and porcelain teeth can last 20-30 years, giving decades of confidence from the smile transformation! Time and cost wise, let's break down this investment into quality of life.

Lifestyle Considerations

Beyond the obvious benefits of restored health and esthetics, patients should appreciate how all on 4 implants can positively impact lifestyle:


  • Enjoy a wider variety of healthy and flavorful foods
    • Crunchy fruits and vegetables
    • Juicy meats
    • Less need to cut/blend certain dishes
  • Reduced restrictive diets
  • Support a balanced nutritional intake


  • Enunciation and pronunciation vastly improves
  • Lisp/slurring issues dissipate
  • Clarity in professional settings


  • Implants are far more stable and retentive than dentures
  • Bridges are custom formed to the contours of the mouth
  • Increased bite force and chewing capacity

Confidence and Happiness

  • Smiling freely boosts self-esteem
  • Reduced social anxiety
  • Looking younger
  • Professional opportunities

The implants serve as stable supports for life-changing improvements far beyond just teeth functionality! Now let's explore the financial reality of this investment into quality living.

Cost Factors and Analysis

Affording a smile makeover is a common concern, but breaking down the costs sheds light on the multidimensional value:

Cost Breakdown

Item Cost
Initial specialist consultation $100-300
Preliminary scans and tests $300-500
Extractions if needed $100-200 per tooth
Titanium implants $1000-2000 per implant
Abutments $500-1000 per abutment
Temporary denture (optional) $1000-3000
Permanent bridge $5000-20000+
Bone grafting if needed $500+ per site

That may seem like a lot up front, but considering this permanent solution eliminates endless sticky adhesives, emergency denture repairs, and embarrassing slippage once and for all - it pays dividends quickly as a wise investment into health and confidence!

Determining Actual Costs

The actual total fee can only be provided after the initial consultation, when factors like:

  • Number of implants needed
  • Bone density
  • Restorative material chosen
    • Zirconia, porcelain fused alloy, acrylic, etc.
  • Lab technician fees
  • Complexity level

Are assessed through advanced 3D imaging, treatment planning software, and the doctor's clinical judgement after thouroughly evaluating the mouth. Costs may be tax deductible and financing can be arranged through places like CareCredit to affordably access dramatic life improvements!

This undertaking is not "cheap" - but it RADICALLY transforms capability to speak, eat, smile vibrantly and live with boundless assurance. Priceless!

FAQs about Dental Implants

Let's cover some rapid fire commonly asked questions:

How long do the porcelain teeth supported by all on 4 implants last?

With excellent oral hygiene and avoiding extreme overload from habits like chewing ice or nails, the implants and bridges generally last 20-30 years, giving decades of unhindered confidence!

Is getting all on 4 dental implants painful?

The Board Certified doctors utilize advanced technologies like medication pre-treatment, localized anesthesia and small incisions to eliminate actual surgery discomfort. Some tenderness may linger during initial healing similar to having a tooth removed, but prescribed medication keeps most patients comfortable.

How many dental implants are needed for all on 4?

As the name hints, all on 4 only requires 4 strategically placed implants tilted inward to avoid vulnerable sinus cavities and grip dense jawbone securely. The back angled implants and anterior vertical implants provide tremendous support for entire bridges using this pioneering protocol.

Is All on 4 treatment reversible?

The bridges custom created are permanently secured onto the implants, so this protocol is not reversible like removable dentures. But with outstanding durability and lifespans matching natural teeth longevity when properly cared for, patients generally keep their all on 4 restorations for life!

Do I need full mouth extraction for All on 4 implants?

Not necessarily - remaining healthy natural teeth can be integrated seemlessly into bridge design for added chewing sensory feedback. But severely compromised failing teeth often need removal to prevent future infection around the surgically placed implants.

Is the All on 4 procedure covered by dental insurance?

Since all on 4 is considered a type of major restorative treatment, portions like extractions and the implant placement may be partially reimbursable by insurers. But the bridges, temporary dentures, grafting or other custom components are viewed more as a cosmetic upgrade. Multiple financing options make access possible regardless!

I hope this content clarifies details about reclaiming quality living through an all on 4 transformation - let's wrap up with some final thoughts!

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