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Restoration of teeth

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A young patient came from New York to see Dr. Svetlana because she was impressed by some of her works on a full mouth reconstruction.

She noted the high quality and fine attention to detail in Dr. Svetlana’s work. Her patients always have straight, beautiful teeth that match the shape of their face, skin tone, and even the whites of their eyes.

This patient had composite veneers. Microscopic spaces opened up around the composite. Microbes got in there and began to gradually destroy the teeth. On top of that, the veneers began to change color and darken.

We discussed with the patient a treatment plan for all the teeth on the upper and lower jaw in advance – the front teeth were restored with veneers, the masticatory teeth were restored with crowns, and we used ceramic materials for all restorations.

When she arrived, we managed to do the following in one day:

  • Computer diagnostics – we determined the position of the jaw at which the muscles would be relaxed to the maximum
  • Wax modeling
  • We cleaned the surface of the teeth, ground the enamel, and made impressions
  • We placed a temporary orthopedic structure.

Two weeks later there was a second visit with the installation of permanent structures made of ceramics. And just like that it was all over! Now the patient enjoys a natural, beautiful and, most importantly, healthy smile.

This case is clear proof that it is better to immediately put veneers made of ceramics rather than composite material. Composite restorations are not resistant to food acids, lose color quickly, and are often accompanied by decay under the composite. After 2–5 years, the tooth begins to decay. That does not happen with ceramic veneers. Sure, they require the removal of 0.5 mm of enamel, but you get reliable protection against further decay of the tooth and excellent aesthetics for at least 15–20 years.

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