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Acid Erosion: The Hard Facts

Modern diets and eating habits increase the exposure of the tooth enamel to dietary acid – Acid erosion is a leading contributor to tooth wear. “50% of US dental professionals reports seeing and increase in acid erosion compared to 5 years ago” The following chart list the pH of some foods and drinks. This information is important as it starts to help understand which common foods and drinks may be causes of acids erosion. Signs of Acid ErosionPeople typically do not become aware of acid erosion until it has reached an advanced stage and restorative treatment may be required. There are, however a number of signs to look for when identifying the progression of acid erosion among patients.  Normal Adult AppearanceSome changes since emergence of adult teeth but a shiny, white and naturally textured surface. Early Erosive DamageLoss of shine and texture of enamel producing a dull, yellow appearance. Moderate Erosive DamageChanging shape and loss of contour. Surface lacks shine and looks dull with no texture. Severe Erosive DamageTotal loss of biting edges of front teeth, producing rough and brittle surfaces.

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